Oh my gosh I forgot to take my allergy meds today and I’m dying.

I may be able to fit in a minor with my undergrad. Just barely. It will literally put me at the point where they force you to graduate.

At least, from what I understand I need in history, and if I take the social studies endorsements at the local community college.

Options. I must think of them.

Should I 

  • Make a list of things to finish, go to bed, and wake up in 7.5 hours to finish everything in the 5 hours I’d have before class
  • OR
  • Finish everything now and sleep until last minute and hope I remember everything I will have gone over tonight, tomorrow during my midterm

Pompeii (Gender Pitched)
by Bastille + 241,538 plays


(pitched to different “gender”)

Sorry for low-tier quality, I just really wanted to hear what this would sound like. 

Someone should attach a download link.

I may go to California for a week with my Granmum this summer.

[She has 15 days off that she never used this year, and we have a lot of family in Cali - not to mention Disneyland and a few friends of mine (hey yo) and that Pasedena Glee Dalton place. So yeah. Birthday plans.]

I wish I had fantastically brilliant audio editing skills because man.


I love the one character in this version, but the other character from that version, and why can’t I just make my own dreamcast recordings.


Below you will find a list of songs that are perfect to ride your scooter to.

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AKA Songs to make you feel better about everything in life.

So I was asked to do the Christmas skit for church winter conference this year.

Thus far:

  • It is a musical
  • About the Three Magi
  • Well, the camels that the Three Magi travel with
  • The star of Bethlehem is David Bowie
  • All the Christmas songs must be done with 80s vibes
  • King Herod is Joffery from Game Of Thrones
  • Each song is going to be in a different language [because our church has a ridiculous amount of diversity; seriously out of like, 40 people there are at least 15 different languages spoken besides English] so it’s a bit like The Chipmunk Adventure as the Three Magi travel around the world in 80 minutes

This is so legit and I am hella excited.