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True Sisterhood:

Moving the bag of potato chips literally 2 inches so I don’t have to sit up to reach into the bag.

A kiss is not the same as an acknowledgement of appreciation.

However. I’m also going to argue that the 11th Doctor is pretty decent so far.


it makes the Doctor a needy whiny jerk who’s dependent on someone else showing him appreciation because he’s emotionally unstable.

That’s new, that’s interesting.

It’s just EXTREMELY INCREDIBLY UNFORTUNATE that since the Doctor is the hero no matter what, the companion who saves the world and tries to help him is pushed aside as useless.

[I mean look at that Amy saved the universe 3 times in 3 episodes since it’s the Doctor who has all the issues but it’s the Doctor who’s thanked. Excusing problematic issues galore running rampant everywhere.]

Star Wars is actually a documentary of WW2 apparently.

I do like the emotional instability of the 11th Doctor.

I just wish the problematic issues with that were actually addressed.

Because then it just becomes an excuse to get away with everything.

[Also like - weren’t the Daleks destroyed several times over why do they still exist can we get a new major enemy why is everything Dalek Dalek Duck.]

[[Though I’m torn because I also love Daleks everyone should have a Dalek you get a Dalek you get a Dalek everyone goes home with a Dalek.]]

"Rape is one of the most terrible crimes on earth. And it happens every few minutes. The problem with groups who deal with rape is that they try to educate women about how to defend themselves. What really needs to be done is teaching men not to rape. Go to the source and start there."
Kurt Cobain talking in November 1991 about the background behind the song ‘Polly’  (via perfect)

Mm see and herein lies the major issue of Moffatt:

The woman tries to save the man and she’s considered a terrible horrible person who is suddenly unworthy of even speaking to said man [because boo hoo she took his choice away - not like men have ever done that to women in the history of forever]. Considering, if the man did the same thing [as I know the Doctor does on several occasions that aren’t even related to Moffatt] then he is the hero.

And then she redeems herself and saves the day but no one cares.

The Doctor doesn’t even apologize for throwing a fit at her and demeaning her in front of other people; instead he sits there continuing to belittle her by saying “well you could have killed everyone”.

And they just move on like he did nothing wrong.

Now, let’s spin this differently. Maybe she didn’t need an apology. Maybe she didn’t need her actions appreciated by someone else. This then becomes an example of the Doctor being a sulky child who is then dependent on a woman validating his actions, as Amy sits there comforting him. And if it’s the woman who does the heroic thing then she’s in the wrong because that’s a man’s job, not hers, how dare she take that glory for herself. Maybe that would be fine - if he moves on from it and learns to be comfortable in his own right and give credit where credit is due wherein that sexist foundation is destroyed.

But that’s a huge step back from every single Doctor that’s come before him [sure, they waver, but they always bounce back by the end of the episode - 11 doesn’t]. Not to mention the fact that I’m damn sure he never does grow from that dependency and excuse [throughout the entirety of his seasons], which gives way to allowance for bad behavior, because the Doctor is the role model and Amy is the sidekick.

In the instance of this episode, the message becomes this: a man doesn’t have to ever acknowledge when a woman does a good thing because it had nothing to do with the actions of said man. If the man isn’t being highlighted, the woman is at fault - even if she saves an entire species and planet.

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